Super Bowl Ads – My Take

by admin on February 8, 2016

For something completely different. I hope you enjoyed watching the Super Bowl, I do especially for commercials. So what were your favorites (and duds). I think my favorite commercial – I should say I had two that I really liked was the Doritos baby commercial and then one where the sheep were singing. I can’t believe that this is the last year of the Doritos user submitted commercials – they were some of the best ones that I had ever seen.

I liked the sheep, not sure why on that one but I think it was a very good representation of the sound system on the truck.

The bud commercial was disappointing. I like the horses and the one I saw only had a few glimpses of the horses.

The car commercial that had the motors in the chest of the design folks was the stupidest commercial I think I have ever seen. It was hard until the end to tell that the commercial was even about a car. I didn’t like it.

Yahoo has a nice post with videos for some of the commercials. I don’t agree with some of their rankings but it would be interesting to see how much money the advertisers make from their ads. That is after all the reason (I think anyway) that they spend millions of dollars on a 60 second message.–grades-for-the-best-and-worst-ads-183849720.html

I also liked Amazon echo – I bet they sell a ton of them today.

Enjoy your week, I can’t wait for football again.

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