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by admin on May 8, 2010

This week we want to continue our series on saving money on your wedding.

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Saving Money on your Wedding Photography

You can spend thousands of doallars by hiring a professional photographer. Since we are working on saving you money below is a list of a few things you can do to save money.

1. Ask the local highschool / college if they have a photographer club or classes. If so contact the teacher and ask them for a list of possible students in the class that do good work. Contact those people and ask them what they would charge to do your wedding.You will definitely want to make sure you check out some of their photographs.

2. Purchase a disposable camera, one of those you buy that has the processing included, purchase one of those for each 3 or 4 wedding guests (or one for each table at the reception). Tell the guests they get to take the wedding pictures.

3. Ask people you know that have recently gotten married if they can recommend someone for the big day.

I would also recommend that you check out some photographers online and that may give you some ideas for poses that you may want to do.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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