Saving Money on your Wedding Location

by admin on April 10, 2010

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Out of Gas Newsletter – Issue 80 April 10, 2010

Figuring out where your wedding is going to be.

When thinking about where your wedding is going to be held it is important to keep a few things in mind.

1. How many people are you going to invite for your wedding.
2. How far away will it be to the reception (or will the reception be held in the same place).

A good way to start looking is to think about weddings you’ve gone to in your area that you liked and thought looked nice. Another thing is to ask friends what there recommendations would be.

Prices for a place to hold your wedding can range from nearly free to thousands of dollars. Nearly free ones can usually be found at a church you attend (for members most churches may only charge a fee to clean up after the wedding… you can possibly reduce that fee by offering to clean it up yourself). To do that of course you would need to get some friends to do it since you will be on your honeymoon. A church should also have a place to hold a reception, again probably for only a small fee.

Next week we’ll talk about planning where to hold your reception.

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