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by admin on August 12, 2011

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It’s that time of year when you’re thinking about going back to college. It’s also that time of year when you’re thinking about the dreaded trip to the bookstore. Hopefully these tips will help you save some money (and aggravation).

1. Find out the exact text books you’ll need. Nothing is worse than buying the wrong book and then you’ll end up having to return it and buying another. If possible when you get the list of books get the ISBN number. Every book has one and this makes the books easier to catalog. You’ll also want to know if the book has supplemental material that you’ll need (like a cd). If it has a cd then you’re out of luck because you’ll need to buy the book.

2. Should you rent or buy. I made it a point if it was a book I intended to keep or would need to reference later then I would buy the book.  If it was a class I took as an elective (like Literature for instance) then I would not worry if it was new or used (or these days rent).  When you have figured those things out it’s now time to shop for the book. Here are a few links that will help you. Make sure you check all of the sites BEFORE you buy. The last site you check may have the best deal.

Amazon –  if the book is offered as a kindle edition you can rent it.

Amazon’s Link Text Books Amazon also offers free shipping for students. Details are on that page.

Product Search – when using Google Product search you can type the ISBN into the search box. Be careful of who you’re shopping with. Make sure you check the shipping charges.

Book Rentals – this site is an example. There are other sites but they have similar pricing (from what I can tell anyway).

One word of warning. When you are in the product searches, I found some ridiculous prices. Make sure you shop with places that have a great rating and will be able to deliver your textbook on time. Make sure you take the cost of shipping into consideration.

After you’ve done your shopping online, make sure you check your college bookstore out to find the prices of the books your looking for on your list. When you’ve found the best prices start shopping… and good luck. We hope you have a great semester.

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