Save on your Wedding – Figuring out your guest list

by admin on April 3, 2010

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Out of Gas Newsletter – Issue 79 April 3, 2010
Save on your Wedding – Figuring out your guest list
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How many people should you invite to your wedding… and how do you figure out who makes the cut (who doesn’t) and estimate some cost numbers.

For our example let’s say that you have a budget of $5000.00. The bride’s parents are going to pitch in $3000 and your parents $2000.00. (don’t worry the number may seem to be low but we’ll work on getting you under budget with this series). You can figure that the reception is going to take about 40-50% of the budget. For our example we’ll say $2500.00.

One note here – if you’re just going to have cake and have a few decorations you can cut that cost down to $500 or so. But let’s say you want to serve them something.

Say you want to spend $25 on each person then you can have 100 people attend the wedding.

One important note here – I’ve been to weddings that have had prime rib and steak and I’ve been to weddings that have had cake and soft drinks. I’ve had a great time at both of them.

Now you have 100 guests and lets say you’re going to have 6 people in the wedding party, include the minister, and the mom’s and dad’s and you’re down to 89 guests. Now you have the ‘must have’ invites. Siblings and grandparents, and best friends not in the party. Those are non negotiable. Let’s say that takes you down to 75 folks. Ask the mom’s of the bride and groom to divide that and make a list of folks they want to come. Make some ground rules now about anyone either the bride or the groom absolutely don’t want to come.

Elegala has some excellent advice on how to trim your list.

One thing to keep in mind as well is not everyone will come that you invite for a variety of different reasons. One thing you can do is to create a reserve list.

Have a wonderful Easter.

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