Parents Guide to Financial Aid – Changes to FASFA 2017 -2018 You’ll need to do something sooner…

by admin on August 31, 2016

Anyone that has filled out the Free application for Federal Student Aid (FASFA) can agree with me that it can be a pain in the but. I helped fill one out for my niece and thankfully when I had to fill it out for my daughter I had figured it out…well mostly.

There are big changes coming for the 2017-2018 school year. Normally you fill these out Jan 1st of the year of the finacial aid, but now you’ll get the opportunity to fill it out early. October 1, 2016 will be the date when you can fill out the form. It is important to fill it out early because Grants and things are given out on a financial need basis of course, but after that it is first come first served.

They will be using financial information from the tax forms you filled out in April of 2016 – I think that is a good thing so you don’t have to estimate and then fill out the information again.

More details about the changes can be found here –

I’ll make sure to give you a reminder a week or so before you’ll need to fill it out.

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