Out of Gas Newsletter – Issue 1

by admin on July 19, 2008

Out of Gas Newsletter – Issue 1

We want to welcome you to the first issue of Out of Gas.

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We are still in the process of putting the finishing touches on our blog / site / and the newsletter format. You’ll get the issue of Out of Gas every Saturday. On Fridays on our blog (make sure to bookmark it) we’ll give you some ideas on what you can do with your family with little or no cost (less than $25). On Tuesday we’ll put up an article that will help you save money in other ways.
We hope to do a couple of things with our newsletter –

1. Teach you how the fuel industry works (in terms anyone can understand).
2. Keep you updated on the latest industry news – this may help you put off for a day or two
when buying gas, because prices are trending lower or buy it today because prices are
trending higher.
3. Give you some tips on saving money in other areas of your life – every Friday we’ll also
post one of these tips on our blog.

News –

Crude oil as you know has been on the decline this week and has fallen about $16.00. Most of the ‘experts’ think that tensions have eased over some supply questions (mainly having to do with Iran). What does that mean for you – lower gas prices this week. If you’ve noticed a drop in the price in your area then now would be the time to buy. If you haven’t noticed a drop – hold out a bit if possible till they do drop. There are weekend diplomatic talks with Iran – if they go well then the price of oil will continue to drop, if they go poorly then they will stabilize or increase.

The Oil Industry

We’ll start with a bit of information about the fuel industry – next issue we’ll talk some
about supply and demand but today we’ll keep it pretty simple.

You hear it all the time …”Today the price of a barrel of oil went up $5.00 or down $5.00.
How many gallons are in a barrel of oil? How much gas can come from a barrel of oil?

There are 42 gallons of “crude” oil in a barrel, which makes about 44 gallons of products.
After refining that one barrel makes about 19.1 gallons of gas,  7 gallons of diesel
(plus other products as well).

Thursday a barrel closed at $129.29.

Saving you Money – having fun without driving anywhere

The object is to use things you already have around your home and to not spend more than
$25 on the activity (and to use things you buy for multiple bits of fun).

This activty requires no money – you will need something you can use for blindfolds and the
tv or your ipod. Choose teams or everyone can play. Start with one person (who is ‘it’) and then continue
to go clockwise around the room until everyone has had a turn.

The person who is ‘it’ chooses the music channel or an ipod tune. Everyone else puts on a
blindfold if you’re playing using music channels on TV.

You can choose to pick the name of the tune / the artist singing it or both. We play that
the tune gets one point / artist gets two points / both get 3 points. People raise their hands
as they figure out the answers. Someone also needs to keep the score. First person to 20 wins.

The fun part is the parents of course choose the oldies / the kids pick the new tunes.

If you haven’t had a chance to buy our gas mileage guide we would encourage you to do so.
You can find it here.

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