Mall of America – Our vacation with some tips and advice

by admin on July 9, 2010

Our Great Adventure

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As we told you earlier this week we just got back from our vacation. The trip took us about 2100 or so miles, thru 7 states. We tried to implement some of our strategies and they did seem to work.

We started planning our trip around Christmas which is what we normally do… we do save for the trip throughout the year and put a set amount of money every week into our piggy bank. After all spending $2400 sounds like a lot until you realize that to get that amount you would need to save about $47 every week. Just like saving money, the every little bit does add up. We have some friends who save for their vacation by putting all their loose change into a jar after work.

During the initial stages of planning my daughter wanted to go to see some ‘white sand’ beaches in Florida. Somehow during the conversations, the focus of the trip turned to going to the Mall of America. In hindsight I’m really glad that we chose the Mall instead of the beach. I’m pretty sure if we had went to the beach we would have chosen one that would have been closed or gotten to swim with the tar balls.

When we had decided on a destination, we then asked around to find out if other people had fun going there… we didn’t want to go on a trip and spend some money on something that wouldn’t have been fun. We got a lot of input locally, but if we hadn’t we could have done some research online. The input was all good so we started to work on the travel arrangements.

The first thing we did was check out mapquest to find out how long a drive it was. Twenty hours… way too long to make in one day. I’m fine driving 8 or 9 hours in a day but anything over 9 I get pretty cranky, and nobody wants to be around someone cranky on their vacation.

We’ll talk some more about our trip tomorrow.

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