Five tips for saving money at the Beach.

by admin on June 28, 2016

One of my favorite vacations is a trip to the beach. Here are five ways you can save some money and still have a ton of fun.

  1. Condo – I like condos because if you rent one with a kitchen, you can save money on meals (at least breakfast and lunch). My favorite beach, Myrtle Beach, has a Wal-Mart that is five miles or so from the condo we like to stay in. We buy cereal and milk (a quick breakfast) – then sandwich stuff, chips and drinks for lunch. The first time we did this we hauled a bunch of stuff with us but found that the Wal-Mart there was just as cheap as ours. If you don’t rent a condo, try to get a room with a fridge (a place to put the breakfast and lunch stuff). No one likes to cook all of the time so we normally went out for Dinner, but you can save money there too.
  2. Take your stuff – boogie boards, umbrellas, sand stuff etc. Take the stuff you bought last year and bring it back with you.
  3. Don’t rent the expensive umbrellas. Umbrellas outside of our condos were about $100 for the week. We normally like to roam the beach (or swim at the pool), so that would be a wasted hundred bucks for us.
  4. Shop for your souvenirs. We shopped at night. We noticed as we were going through the shops, which places had the ‘best’ deals for presents for our family members back home. The night before we left, we returned to the shops that had the cheapest items and bought presents there. The cheapest Myrtle Beach T-shirts we found were at Wal-Mart.
  5. We always booked our next year’s vacation as we left the Condo. This saved us about $500 on the room.

Have fun!

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