Don’t forget about your credit card rewards.

by admin on June 30, 2009

We just got back from our vacation – we worked for the first week and then visited friends and family the second week. We all know that vacations can cost quite a bit of money. We paid for most of our hotel room bill by using points. Yes we had nearly forgotten about them (and possibly you have forgotten about them as well).

Put it on your to do list to check your credit cards and track the rewards that you have. Make some notes also about when they expire (because they will if you don’t use them). Check out the things that you can get with the points. Some of it is junk, but some things I’m sure you will be able to use, like gas, hotel rooms, flights, and gifts (remember that Christmas is only about six months away). Just remember to use them on things that you actually need. We’ll be resuming our usual posting schedule as well.

Have a wonderful Tuesday.

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