7 Ways to Save Money on Back To School Supplies

by admin on August 5, 2011

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Believe it or not it’s time for Back To School. I saw a report yesterday that said most parents spend an average of $700 on school supplies and clothes. We’ve listed 7 ways you can save money on your school supplies. If you have some you would like to add, please don’t hesitate to put them in the comments.

1. Make a list of things you must have. If you have several kids you’ll want to combine their teacher lists into a master list. Ask the kids to make a list of clothes they ‘must’ have for back to school. If you have a really tight budget and their list is huge, you may want to talk to them about tweaking the list a bit. This list will help you to know exactly what you’re looking for.

2. Now that you know what you’re looking for get current shopping circulars from the stores and if possible get next weeks as well. You never know the 25 cent notebook this week may be 10 cents next week, or the opposite could be true. A great place to find circulars online is here – http://www.sundaysaver.com/

When you have them, you’ll want to find the lowest price for each of the items on your list.

3. Look for in store coupons or specific item coupons. A couple of good places you can find those is here.



Remember it pays you to get on the stores mailing list for coupons (and their facebook page as well).  You can find some good deals at online stores (like Amazon) but you’ll need to make sure to include shipping in with your totals.

4. You have your coupons, list, and hopefully your plan. Now it is time to go shopping. If you find something really cheap that you will use next year, remember you can always put it in your closet and use it next year.

5. Team up with other families in your area / neighborhood and share things you buy in bulk.

6. Share bargains you find with your friends and family and have them do the same. Many sales happen on the spot.

If your state has a sales tax holiday you’ll want to shop then. After all 6% is 6%. Here is a list of states for this weekend.


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